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Cost Effective Home Improvements


Do you want your home to look magazine worthy but are worried it may be too expensive? The simplest ways to update your home into a new decade doesn’t have to cost much! As a real estate broker, I am constantly in and out of homes for buyers, or on listing appointments helping a seller get market ready on the daily. Don’t underestimate the big difference small changes can make. I see many things that could use a simple update that are low cost and easy enough to do yourself.

8 Home Improvement Tips

  1. Change brass door handles to stainless steel or nickel. Unless brass is back in style, it is a key indicator your home’s interior is outdated.
  2. Update kitchen cupboard handles. Again, if they are brass, homebuyer’s eyes will focus to the yellow. Even if the cupboards are older, newer handles give a more updated feel to the room.
  3. Paint. Paint pretty much anything you can. Kitchen cupboards, front door, decks, baseboards, trim etc. It is amazing what anything old can be transformed into with paint. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can be enough rather than replacing things such as doors or cupboards. Remove wallpaper from any rooms that have it an opt for paint on the walls instead.
  4. Update lighting. This will give the home a whole new feel.
  5. Change faucet fixtures. Change them for the shower or tub, bathroom sink and kitchen sink.
  6. Change discoloured, cracked or worn light switch plates. Many discolour over time, and turn yellow.
  7. Organize. From storage bins to closets, organizational ideas and tools bring a spark to a homebuyer’s eyes. It resembles simplicity, and who doesn’t want that!
  8. Refresh your home decor. Things like window coverings that are one of the first things someone may notice when they walk into a room. Updating these will make a big difference in bringing a more modern feel to the room.

These tips are great for sellers who want their house to look more appealing to buyers. It is also a great way to easily update a recently purchased house. Whether you are looking to sell or buy contact us today.