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Online Home Improvement Tools

home improvement

At some point, most homeowners will have to do some home improvement work on their house. Maybe you have recently purchased a house and need to change it to your tastes. Or you could be looking to sell and want to add some value before you put your house on the market. Whatever the reason, home improvement is so much easier nowadays. Whether you are looking for inspiration, planning tools, or a way to find professionals our list includes the best tools to begin your project.


HomeZada acts as a digital hub that streamlines all of the important financial information about your biggest asset: your home. The website helps homeowners keep track of 6 main uses: improvements, maintenance, inventory, finances, market and homeowner lifecycle. Home improvement projects are easily planned and managed and kept in budget with HomeZada. The website keeps track of your pictures and receipts related to your home improvement project. HomeZada also has a calendar tool that helps you keep track of important home maintenance to help keep your home healthy and efficient. A home inventory feature is an important tool in case of fires, burglaries or any other natural disaster. The financial tool in HomeZada keeps track of your budget for household expenses, maintenance and renovation projects. HomeZada is a great way to digitally keep track of your project and  home maintenance. When the time comes to sell your home you have a tool filled with pictures and information to show buyers the house was well maintained.


If you are looking for inspiration, Houzz is the place to look. This website allows users to browse through millions of photos to discover design ideas. Users can also buy products from Houzz’s collection. Lastly, users can easily connect with home professionals that can help bring their home improvement projects to life.

Homestyler Interior Design

Most furniture is a fairly expensive purchase so if you don’t like the way that table or couch looks in your house you are definitely going to return it. It can take several trips to the store and back to see what furniture looks good in your house. If you don’t like the tedious trips back and fourth then Homestyler is the solution for you. The app allows you to see how furniture and decor will look like in your house from real brands. This app makes decorating easy and it will save you all of those back and fourth trips!

Paint Apps

Traditionally, picking a paint colour meant putting several swatches on a wall and seeing which you liked best. Virtual paint apps are easier, less messy and allow you to see what the entire wall will look like painted.  As a result, these apps have been gaining popularity! TapPainter allows you to choose colours from a wheel with the option of changing brightness and saturation. Users can also choose colours from brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours. TapPainter is currently only available for IOS.

Other virtual paint apps include Project Color. This is The Home Depot’s version of a paint app and allows you find colours for both interior and exterior projects. Several brands such as CIL and Glidden have their own versions of virtual painters as well. There a ton out there so it may be time to put away your paint swatches for good!

These home improvement apps will make completed your projects a breeze! If you are wondering where to start with home improvement check out the tips in Affordable Tips for Home Improvement.