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Real Estate Misconceptions


Before getting into this business, I had the same perceptions as many others do about the world of real estate: There is a sign on the lawn, a buyer signs the offer, and done! The house is sold. How easy is that? The general public as a whole, has many misconceptions about realtors, and real estate itself. Many have no clue about the costs, and the work entailed during the process of a sale, or building a business and network of clients, and making a living in this industry. I have learned so much and feel I need to point out some things to help people understand real estate, and realtors, and possibly make future real estate decisions less complex!

A home is the most biggest and most expensive asset that many of you will own. Finding the right one may be easy, or a challenge. Having the right realtor working with you, and for you, is key. What many perceive about the real estate world is incorrect. Let your realtor explain anything you are unclear about. Finding a new home should be fun and exciting. You will always have memories with every home. That is something that can never be lost.